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A blog by Carla A. Robertson to encourage creativity, sewing and individual opportunities to serve.

The Journey Begins

December 1, 2016

Taking the time today to re-new my blogging journey. I had blogged in the past about my trips abroad to work with orphans and sewing programs overseas. Today marks the beginning of adding my 2 cents to the conversation about creativity and the role it plays in our lives. Sometimes I know it will seem totally random and other times you will experience my clear belief that creativity comes from God and He gives it as a gift to bless us so that we can bless others.

I get total joy from creating! It opens my mind to new solutions for old problems and I enjoy the journey because it gives me the freedom to think outside the box.

And so the journey begins.....


Sewing/Sowing - Impact

December 8, 2016

Sewing and sowing is not a play on words. Its my life! Sewing is my gift and skill from God! Sowing is how I use the gift and skill to invest in others. I want God to know that I appreciate Him trusting me to use it for His glory. As I begin this blog I want to remind myself and others how precious and needed our gifts are to our families, communities and to the world. It only takes one person using their gifts for His Glory to change a life. That life multiplies and changes others and it keeps going and going and going.


What Can I Sow Today

December 15, 2016

What Can I Sow Today

While at work I see that there are many opportunities to sow. Some one asks a question and I have the opportunity to help or to hinder. While most people are wary of sharing info that might give someone a leg up, I've found that's exactly where I shine. I love it when the "light comes on" in the mind of a student or client. It lets me know I am still sowing and it gives them to power to create their own dream.

What gift are you hiding by not helping? What life have you hindered by refusing to share?



December 22, 2016

It was the last Sunday in October and I was in Houston, TX at the International Quilt Market. I knew I would be missing a special sermon by my Pastor Dr. Tony Evans, but I knew getting a CD or DVD would take care of that. To my dismay I was unable to get the CD until after Christmas. This CD was part of our "Destiny" series.

After listening to the CD 5 times I was overwhelmed to realize that everything and I mean "everything" - be it people, circumstance, situations can all be looked at as significant "intersections" that determine the path to your destiny. Already 2014 has shown me that Jeremiah 29:11 is true to its core. "God has a plan for me" and now I get to see his hand in everything. Even when things seem disappointing they are leading to something else. I can embrace the changes or fight the very thing that has been put in place to propel me to my next step.

How do you look at circumstances? Do you only see the negative? Or can you see God's hand moving things around to get you to the next place He has for you?

Take a new look at the people, places and things you encounter and see if those " intersections" are really there to keep you on the path to your Destiny.

Carla A. Robertson


Your Gift will Make Room For You

Originally posted May 12, 2014, December 29, 2016

So excited to share the trailer to our Resurrection Drama Production at Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship.

Laterras R. Whitfield's the Greatest Doubt

As Leader of the Costume/Sewing Ministry I get to work with a wonderful group of creatives who use their gifts to tell HIS story.

This year was special as we had a Guest Writer/Director- Laterras R. Whitfield and Musical Guest Artists - Dalon Collins and Crystal Aikin.

When my mom taught me to sew at age 6 I'm sure she never saw stage production as my future. But God always knew the places it would take me, the people I would meet along the way and the things that would be created by my mind and hands to give Him back the glory He deserves. I am so thankful for her teaching me at an early age and then my parents together pouring into that gift with equipment and schooling to continuously take the gift to new levels. Now they get to experience with each garment made, each mission trip completed and each production they get to attend the growth of their little seedling. Thanks

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A Toy Sewing Machine

Originally posted May 12, 2014, December 29, 2016

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Laughter is the Best Medicine

Originally posted April 22, 2015, January 2, 2017

My co-founder at Dallas Designing Dreams is on a new journey - prostate cancer. The great thing that has happened is his willingness to record his journey for his YouTube channel. We laugh a lot in our studio but this has brought more laughter because of his perspective of the journey.

Imagine taking a medicine that makes you have hot flashes and now you you have to turn a fan on every few minutes to cool off your head. That image alone brings about laughter.

Laughter is a gift from God that we believe will be a healing agent on this journey. Take the time to see life as a gift and you will see and experience the humorous moments that help you get through each day.

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Your Gifts are not a Coincidence

January 9, 2017

It's amazing how God gifts each one of us with skills and abilities- natural and learned. 

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Dallas Designing Dreams 10th Anniversary

January 16, 2017

As we celebrate 10 years with Dallas Designing Dreams, I wanted to commemorate with photos of the board. Along with my co-founder Arthur Porter, Lance Peeler and Lillie Bills have helped our organization expand and grow without losing focus on our purpose. On our 10 Anniversary we celebrate our local and Global footprint to help others reach for dreams, put back together broken dreams and give experiences to those that society say don't have potential. We don't take for granted what God has put into our hands as a gift.